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Remote Control Parts

Super-regenerative RF Receiver Modules (assembled & tested) Application :   Remote control,  wireless alarm systems, low baud rate data link, etc., . . .   
See Datasheet (pdf) for details

Application example (pdf)
 No.  RX208-433 433.92MHz RM 10.50 / pc

 No.  RX9921-315 315 MHz RM 10.50 / pc

RF Transmitter Module 
SAW resonator stabilized +3V ~ 12V
(assembled & tested)

Works in OOK or ASK mode. 
Application :   Remote control,  wireless alarm systems, low baud rate data link,etc., . . .   
See datasheet (pdf)
 for details  
Application example (pdf)
 No. TX9906A-315   315 MHz RM 10.00 / pc
 No. TX9906A-433   433.92MHz RM 10.00 / pc

(assembled & tested)

RF Receiver Module with decoder IC


With on-board PT2272-L4 decoder IC
Rosc = 680K
Application :  
Remote control,  wireless alarm systems, low baud rate data link, etc., . . .   
See datasheet (pdf)
  for details
 No.  RX9926-315 315 MHz   RM 17.50 / pc

(assembled & tested)

RF Transmitter Module with encoder IC
SAW resonator stabilized

With on-board PT2262 encoder IC
Rosc = 3.3M       
Application :   Remote control,  wireless alarm systems, low baud rate data link,etc., . . .   
See datasheet (pdf)
  for details
Block diagram
 No. TX9902B-315   315 MHz RM 13.50 / pc

UHF,  4-button transmitter 
(assembled & tested)
 (Wooden colour)

32.00 / set 

Battery : 12V (No. 23A)   Included
SAW resonator stabilized, 315 MHz, Rosc=3.3M
Application :   General purpose transmitter for remote control of home appliances,  auto gate & wireless alarm systems
* Transmitter simplified schematic
Dimensions &
programming instruction



Ultrasonic Sensors & parts

Ultrasonic Ceramic Transducers (40 KHz) Open type. Indoor use only
Separate sensors for transmit & receive.  Dim : 16 mm DIA.  Terminal pitch : 10.16 mm (0.4")
Application : 
motion detector,  range finder, remote control, proximity switch , robotics. .     
Datasheet (pdf)   
  T-40-160T/R  RM 17.00 / pair
Ultrasonic driver transformer
(40 KHz)
Designed for driving  pulse mode transducers (T-40-180, etc,...) 
Primary : (DC12V). Secondary (~70Volts pp) connects to transducer for producing short burst of ultrasonic wave 
Application :
car backup sensor, proximity switch, range finder, 
 TF-403  RM 1.50 / pc. 

     Telescopic Antenna  ( 30 cm when fully extended)     RM 2.00 / pc.  


Remote Control, Telephone, Infrared, DTMF & Tone Decoder ICs            

 Remote Control 
 Encoder IC
 (8-bit tri-state address,  4-bit binary data) 
Datasheet (pdf)  
* PT-2262         RM 3.50 / pc.  
 Remote Control
 Decoder IC
 (8-bit tri-state address,  4-bit binary data 
Datasheet (pdf)  (L=latched data)
 * PT-2272-L4  RM 3.70 / pc.
 (8-bit tri-state address,  4-bit binary data  
Datasheet (pdf) (M=Momentary data)
 * PT-2272-M4  RM 4.00 / pc. 

* If the  PT-2262 or PT-2272 are not available, we may ship compatible ICs SC-2262  & SC-2272 instead.  The SC- chips are 2nd source ICs with very good quality

Recommended values for oscillator resistors of Remote Control 
Encoder / Decoder ICs


Matching Rosc values for Decoder:  PT2272 - L4 or -M4

1.5M  270K
3.3M  680K
4.7M  820K



DTMF  Encoder IC
Datasheet (pdf) for HT9200A/B 

#HT9200A   To be used with micro-controller.    



5.50 / pc.  

6.00 / pc.   

 DTMF  Decoder IC Equivalent to  MT8870
Datasheet (pdf)  
 CM8870   RM 6.00 / pc. 

Micro Power Passive InfraRed (PIR) Motion Detector IC A complete single chip PIR motion detector IC with built-in CMOS op-amp, comparators and control logic (delay timer, monostable..)
Application example (JPG)
      Datasheet (pdf)
 BISS0001  RM 5.00 / pc. 
 PLL Tone Decoder IC Phase-lock-loop single tone decoder with open collector NPN transistor for driving relay  
Datasheet (pdf)    
  NE567  RM 2.30 / pc.
 MCU serial Clock / Calandar with auto days of month & leap years adjustment  HT-1380  click here
 for price

Infrared LED /  Sensors, LDR, Temperature, Hall Effect,
Vibration, .., other Sensors

Infrared  Receiver Module  

Infrared receiver module.  38 KHz.  
For infrared projects : remote control, IR data link, . . .    
Pin arrangement

   RM 3.20 / pc. 
Infrared  LED  (5 mm) Infrared LED. Emits invisible infrared beam
5 mm
. In gray or non-diffused clear case  
For infrared projects : remote control, IR data link, . . .    
   RM 1.00 / pc.
Infrared  LED  (3 mm) Infrared LED. Emits invisible infrared beam
3 mm
. In black filtered case  
For infrared projects : remote control, IR data link, . . .    
   RM 0.80 / pc. 
Infrared  Phototransistor  
(5 mm)
In 5 mm black (visible light filter)  epoxy case.
λ = 700 ~ 1050 nm
   RM 1.00 / pc. 
pt491f.jpg (36258 bytes) High Sensitivity 
Phototransistor  (
In black (visible light filter) epoxy case.
For optoelectronic switches.    Datasheet  (pdf)
 PT-491F  RM 1.30 / pc.
Pyroelec_sensor.JPG (48726 bytes) Double  elements Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor  Application :  Passive infrared motion detector.   Learn more about pyroelectric sensor  
( Motion detector project )
Related project : Project #2

Datasheet (pdf)      C
lick on picture for larger photo & pinout arrangement
 RE200B   RM 5.80 / pc
Fresnel Lens.JPG (181237 bytes) Fresnel Lens (to be use with RE200B ) Application :  Fresnel lens for passive infrared motion detector module

Application example :   Project #2 (PIR Motion Detector)
 8002/1   RM 3.00 / pc.
LDR-5mm.JPG (18174 bytes) Cadmium Sulphide (CdS) photocell
(or  Light Dependent Resistor, LDR)

Resistance changes inversely with the intensity of light. 
Application : Automatic photo electric switch, general purpose light sensor.....  
Datasheet (pdf)        (Related Hobby kit : ES-07)  (html)

 GL5528  RM 0.90 / pc.

Dallas Semiconductor
Digital Temperature Sensor IC
( -55 ~ 125oC)
   Programmable Resolution 1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor
Datasheet (pdf)   
 DS18B20  RM 7.70 / pc.
Analog Temperature Sensor IC
( 0 ~ 100oC)
Related project (Project #3)   "Temperature Controlled Relay"    
Datasheet (pdf) 
 LM-35DZ  RM6.20 / pc.
Hall Effect Sensor IC Datasheet (pdf)  DN6851  RM 3.50 / pc. 
Micro Vibration Sensor  Application :  Alarm system, anti-theft devices
Schematic and pin arrangement  (jpg)      
 SW-200D   RM1.30 / pc. 
Magnetic  Switch for security alarm system

Switch normally open. Closes when placed near magnet

Sold in pair  (magnet + reed switch)

REMARK : This is not a power switch. Mainly for signal switching only.
   RM 5.50  / pair
ThermalSwNC-70C.jpg (95293 bytes)
Temperature Switch Normally closed. Opens when temperature exceed threshold temp. of  70 o C.   Rated : AC 250V 10A 
Application :
General purpose temperature regulator 

Dimension (jpg)
 KSD201     RM 5.00 / pc. 

Magnetic  Reed Switch Normally open.  Contact closes when placed near a strong magnet
How to use a reed switch
How Reed Switch Works

 RM 2.00  / pc. 

IR-DET-slotted.jpg (46559 bytes) Slotted Optical Switch Application :  Performs Non-Contact Interruptive Object Sensing 
Schematic and pin arrangement  (jpg)   
How to use  IR slotted optical switch (link)
   RM1.20 / pc.

   Customised plastic enclosure for PIR Motion Detector projects  9918

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