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Single relay board for IR motion detectors, proximity switches,... etc.,,    (#80321)
( positive input activates relay)

This general purpose relay board can be used with IR motion sensors, proximity switches (with active high output) to switch high current loads
The relay used is  a SPDT (single pole double throw)  type which can handle current up to 10A. 


The relay is normally inactive & LED is off.
When a DC voltage is applied to the input (terminal S & GND), the relay actuates & LED glows.

TESTING Power up the board by connecting the Vdd & GND terminals to a suitable DC power supply. 
Initially the relay should be in the non-active state ( LED is off ).

Now apply a positive voltage to the input by shorting the terminals Vdd & input (S) with a test pen.
This will turn ON the relay & LED

NOTE :  The component values printed on the PCB are meant for DC12V operation.  But it can be modified to work at other voltages by changing the relay to a model with matching  voltage     (please see description & application example below)

DC 12V version

 Also available : DC 5V, 9V, 24V versions    

  GET THE COMPLETE SET OF COMPONENTS FOR THIS PROJECT @    RM 6.50 /set    (soldering required) Operating Voltage Order Ref. No.
DC  5V R-105H
DC   9V R-109H
DC 12V R-112H
DC 24V R-124H


APPLICATION EXAMPLE (used with IR Motion detector HC-SR501) :


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