PIR Motion detector module   (DC 4.5~20V)
( retriggerable and non-retriggerable modes)

Specifications :

Detection method :    Passive Infra Red (PIR)
(by the infrared radiation from human body)
Operating voltage :   4.5V ~ 20V DC
Operating temperature range :   -15 C ~ +70 C
Standby current :   50 mA
Output :    Normally low (0V). Active high (+3.3V).

Output current :    (source) : 5 mA
Output timer :    (default) 15 second    (adjustable from 0.5~200Sec)
Disable time :    2.5 sec.  (the sensor is temporarily disabled when the output goes from high to low)

Detection angle :  100 deg
Detection range :  7m   adjustable
Board size :   32 x 24 mm

Power-up initialization :

When the circuit is powered up by connecting to a DC power supply, there will be an approx. 1 minute initialization period during which the output
may go high 0-3 times.
After this period, the output becomes stable & will remain low.  Any motion of human body in front of the lens will cause the output to go high and stay high for about 15 seconds.

Trigger mode :

Retriggerable mode (H) {default} : In this mode, multiple detections of motion within 15 seconds of each other will maintain a continuous high output.

Non-retriggerable mode (L) : When triggered by motion, the output will go high and remain high for a duration set by the trimmer Tx
(default is a around 15 seconds)



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