PCB & Acrylic board Cutter & Spare Blades

Cutters   Matching Spare Blades



 Comes with 3 blades
 Made in Japan     
RM 23.00 each


Spare blades for P-450 or PC-S cutters
 5 blades / box
 Made in Japan      
RM 10.00 / box




 2 blades included
RM 10.00 each



Spare blades for FL-80 cutter
 10 blades / box
RM 5.50 / box 

Ceramic Tip Alignment Tool

 No. SWD-100C 
 Ceramic tip tuning tool. For tuning RF trimmer caps and coils
7.50  each

"UNI" fine tip paint marker for drawing pcb  tracks (etch resist).   Oil-base water resistant. Writes on any surface.  
Made by Mitsubishi.   
Model :
PX-21         RM 8.00  each


 Drill Chucks
(2 sizes available)
RM 6.50  each 
Accepts drill bits of sizes
0.8,   1.0,   1.2,   1.4 mm
RM 6.50  each 
Accepts drill bits of sizes
1.8,   2.0 mm

Drill Bits

RM 1.80  each
(any size) 

Available sizes : (in mm)
     0.8    1.0   1.2    1.4    2.0 

( How to install the drill chuck )


DIY Mini Drill kit
( for PCB's )

RM 24.00
/ set 
(incl. all the parts shown in the picture)

( How to install the drill
 chuck & drill bit )

Operating voltage
DC 9-12V  (@ 500mA min.) 
You may use rechargeable batteries or DC 9/12V adaptors 

Assembly instruction (soldering required)

Pocket Magnifying Glass with LED

how to replace battery

*  Great for reading component marking & checking counterfeit money

*  with LED light
10 x magnification
RM 6.80  (batteries included)

PCB Holder with magnifying glass

Ideal for working with SMD circuits

No.  209    RM 30.00


Desoldering Braid
(solder wick)

No.  CP-2015        RM 3.30
Video demo

Silicone Heat Transfer Compound

Improves heat transfer from power devices to heat-sinks
RM 4.00

2-wire Digital DC Volt Meter
No.  DVM-4030

Input voltage range  : DC  4.0V ~ 30V
Display : 3-digit, RED
Charcter height : 0.56" ( = 14 mm)
Dimensions :

Large photo     
RM 15.50
DVM in operation