ES-28       Simple Car Security Alarm    (DC 12V Negative ground only)

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TO ARM the alarm :

Step (1) Open any door
Step (2) Set alarm by turning On the switch with the door remains open
Step (3) Close the door & the alarm is armed

TO DIS-ARM the alarm :
1) Turn OFF the switch within 15 sec. after entering the car. Failing to do so, the horn will be sounded for around 50 sec. to scare off the burglar
NOTE : if the alarm is triggered by terminal [3] (car radio), the horn will be sounded instantly (without any delay) whereas triggering by door switch will activate the 15 sec. ENTRY DELAY.

LED1 (green) : 15 sec. ENTRY DELAY indicator. This LED lights up whenever any door is opened during "ARMED" mode.
LED2 (red)    : 50 sec. HORN TIMER indicator. This timer control the sounding time of car horn.

TIPS : If desired, the ENTRY DELAY & HORN TIMER can be changed by altering the values of R6 & R9 respectively.