ES-07     CDS Light Controlled relay
(DC 9V)    (relay contact : 2A)

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This kit works as a "light" detector which energizes a miniature relay when the CDS (Cadmium Sulfide) photo resistor detects bright light. The relay is de-energized when it detects subdued light.  A  trim pot is provided for adjusting the sensitivity of the detector.
Applications :  automatic corridor or porch light control,  "chop-beam" intrusion alarm,  . . .




VR1 ------ Trimmer potentiometer, 1M Ω (#105) (sensitivity control) 
D1 -------- Diodes :(either one of:) [salah satu :] 1N4001, 4002, ... 4007
C1 -------- (either one of:) [salah satu :] 22 F, 33F, 47 F electrolytic capacitor 
Q1, Q2 --- Transistors, general purpose NPN  transistors (* see diagram)

LED1 : Light-emiiting diode -- 3 or 5mm 
RLY-1 : Miniature relay, coil=DC 9V, single pole-double throw contact
CDS : Photo cell (or light dependent resistor)[perintang cahaya]

Miscellaneous items: etched & drilled PCB, 9V battery clip, etc., ...
Resistors (1/4W) :
R1, R5 -- 1 K (brown-blk-red) [cok-hit-mer] 
R2 ------- 5.6 K (green-blue-red) [hij-biru-mer] 
R3 ------- 6.8 (blue-grey-gold) [biru-kel-emas] 
R4 ------  3.3M (orange-orange-green) [oren-oren-hij] 


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