Project  # PE-08
2000W AC Light Dimmer,  Temp  or 
Motor  Speed Controller
(AC 230V) 

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WARNING : This project is mains operated. Do not touch any part of the circuit when power is on. Electric shock can be fatal.

This dimmer circuit can be used to control the brightness of incandescent light bulbs, the temperature of heaters & the speed of AC motors.  The max. controllable power is 2KW (i.e. 2000W)

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Step (1) :  Insert, solder (trim leads) the parts shown in this picture


Step (2) : Install the heat sink & TRIAC

Step (3) : Install the potentiometer
 with bracket


P.C.B . Etched & drilled printed circuit board (included)
TRIAC BTA24  High current TRIAC,  25A   (Datasheet)
DIAC DB3,   (Datasheet)  
Capacitors (C1, C2)  0.1 uF 630V  (# 104) capacitors
Potentiometer (R3) 

B500K (linear taper) 


R1 --4.7K,  ( 1/4W or 1/6W)
R2 --100
Ω,  ( 2W)

Heat sink,   2-contact Terminal Block,   Plastic knob,  3mm screws ( x 3 pcs)

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